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Seviour T., Derlon N., Dueholm M.S., Flemming H.C., Girbal-Neuhauser E., Horn H.,  Kjelleberg S., van Loosdrecht C.M., Lotti T., Malpei F., Nerenberg R., Neu T.R., Paul E., Yu H., Lin Y.
Extracellular polymeric substances of biofilms: Suffering from an identity crisis.
Water Research, 151, 1-7

Loustau E., Rols J-L., Leflaive J., Marcato-Romain C-E., Girbal-Neuhauser E.
Comparison of extraction methods for the characterization of extracellular polymeric substances from aggregates of three biofilm-forming phototrophic microorganisms.
Can. J. Microbiol., 64 (11), 887-899.


Legros S., Levard C., Marcato-Romain C-E., Guiresse M., Doelsch E.
Anaerobic Digestion Alters Copper and Zinc Speciation.
Accepté dans Environ. Sci. Technol.

Randrianjatovo-Gbalou I., Roquette P., Lefebvre, D., Girbal-Neuhauser E., and Marcato-Romain C-E.
In situ analysis of Bacillus licheniformis biofilms: amyloid-like polymers and eDNA are involved in the adherence and aggregation of the extracellular matrix.
J. Appl. Microbiol. 122 (5), 1262–1274.


Randrianjatovo-Gbalou I., Girbal-Neuhauser E., Marcato-Romain C-E.
Quantification of biofilm exopolysaccharides using an in situ assay with Periodic Acid Schiff reagent.
Anal. Biochem. 500, p12-14.

Guellerin M., Passerini D., Fontagné-Faucher C., Robert H., Gabriel V., Loux V., Klopp C., Le Loir Y., Coddeville M., Daveran-Mingot M-L., Ritzenthaler P., Le Bourgeois P.
Complete genome sequence of Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis A12, a strain isolated from wheat sourdough.
Genome Announc 4(5):e00692-16.


Randrianjatovo I., Marcato-Romain C-E., Girbal-Neuhauser E., 2015.
Quantification of amyloid fibrils using size exclusion chromatography coupled with online fluorescence and ultraviolet detection.
Anal. Biochem. 488, 19–21.

Randrianjatovo I., Girbal-Neuhauser E., Marcato-Romain C-E., 2015.
Epicocconone, a sensitive and specific fluorescent dye for in situ quantification of extracellular proteins within bacterial biofilms.
Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 99(11), 4835-4844.

Passerini, D., Vuillemin, M., Uferte, L., Morel, S., Loux, V., Fontagné-Faucher C., Monsan, P., Remaud-Siméon, M., and C. Moulis.
Inventory of the GH70 enzymes encoded by Leuconostoc citreum NRRL B-1299 - identification of three novel -transglucosidases.
FEBS Journal 282, 2115-2130.

Amari M., Gabriel V., Robert H., Morel S.,  Moulis C. Gabriel B., Remaud-Siméon M., Fontagné- Faucher C.
Overview of the glucansucrase equipment of Leuconostoc citreum LBAE-E16 and LBAE-C11, two strains isolated from sourdough.
FEMS Microbiology Letters, 362, 1–8.

Verneuil L., Silvestre J., Randrianjatovo I., Marcato-Romain C.E., Girbal-Neuhauser E., Mouchet F., Flahaut E., Gauthier L., Pinelli E.
Double walled carbon nanotubes promote the overproduction of extracellular protein-like polymers in Nitzschia palea: an adhesive response for an adaptive issue.
Carbon, 88, 113-125.

Lin, Y.M., Nierop, K.G.J., Girbal-Neuhauser, E., Adriaanse, M., van Loosdrecht, M.C.M., 2015.
Sustainable polysaccharide-based biomaterial recovered from waste aerobic granular sludge as a surface coating material.
SM&T, 4, 24-29.


Amari M., Gabriel V., Robert H., Morel S., Moulis C., Gabriel B., Remaud-Siméon M., Fontagné-Faucher C.
Overview of the glucansucrase Equipment of Leuconostoc citreum LBAE-E16 and LBAE-C11, two strains isolated from surdough.
FEMS Microbiol. Lett.
Passerini D., Vuillemin M., Laguerre S., Amari M., Loux V., Gabriel V., Robert H., Morel S., Monsan P., Gabriel B., Fontagné-Faucher C., Remaud-Siméon M.,  Moulis C.
Complete genome sequence of Leuconostoc citreum strain NRRL B-742.
Genome announc., 2(6), e01179-14.
Caudan C., Filali A., Sperandio M., Girbal-Neuhauser E.
Multiple EPS interactions involved in the cohesion and structure of aerobic granules.
Chemosphere, 117, 262-270.

Lefebvre D., Dossat-Létisse V., Lefebvre X., Girbal-Neuhauser E.
Fate of organic matter during moderate heat treatment of sludge: kinetic of biopolymer and hysrolytic activity release and impact on sludge reduction by anaerobic digestion.
Water Sci. Technol., 69(9), 1828-1833.


Marchal F., Robert H., Seyer D., Merbahi N., Randrianjatovo I., Fontagné-Faucher C., Di Martino P., Yousfi M., Neuhauser E.
Atmospheric cold plasmas for biofilm inactivation: does biofilm extracellular matrix limit the bactericidal process?
J. Eng. Technol. Res., 1(1), 123-135.
Pang H.; Dossat-Létisse V., Paul E., Hebrad G.
The influsence of porous structure and biofilm on the hydrodynamics of two types of trickle filters.
Chem. Engine. J., 231, 163-171.
Passerini D., Coddeville M., Le Bourgeois P., Loubière P., Ritzenthaler P., Fontagné-Faucher C., Daveran-Mingot M.L., Cocaign-Bousquet M.
Carbohydrate metabolism signature of Lactococcus lactis A12 strain reveals its sourdough ecosystem origin.
App. Environm. Microbiol., 79(19), 5844-5852.
Amari M.,  Fernanda Gomez Arango L., Gabriel V., Robert H., Morel S.,  Moulis C. Gabriel B., Remaud-Siméon M.  and Fontagné- Faucher C.
Characterization of a novel dextransucrase from Weissella confusa isolated from sourdough.
Applied Microbiol. and Biotechnol. 2013, 97(12), 5413-5422.
Ras M., Lefebvre D., Derlon N., Hamelin J., Bernet N., Paul E., Girbal-Neuhauser E.
Distribution and hydrophobic properties of Extracellular Polymeric Substances in biofilms in relation towards cohesion.
J. Biotechnol. 2013, 165(2), 85-92.
Rondel C., Marcato-Romain C.E., Girbal-Neuhauser E.
Development and validation of a colorimetric assay for simultaneous quantification of neutral and uronic sugars.
Water Res. 2013, 47(8), 2901-2908.
Bejar W, Gabriel V, Amari M, Morel S, Mezghani M, Maguin E, Fontagné-Faucher C, Bejar S, Chouayekh H.
Characterization of glucansucrase and dextran from Weissella sp. TN610 with potential as safe food additives.
Int. J. Biol. Macromol. 2013, 52, 125-132.


Marchal F, Robert H ,  Merbahi N, Fontagné-Faucher C, Yousfi M, Romain CE, Eichwald O,  Rondel C, B Gabriel B.
Inactivation of Gram-positive biofilms by low temperature plasma jet at atmospheric pressure.
J. Phys. D : Appl. Phys. 2012, 45, 245202.

Vasileva T, Amari M, Bivolarski V, Robert H, Morel S, Rabier P, Ivanova I, Gabriel B, Fontagné-Faucher C, Gabriel V, Iliev I.
Characterization of glysolyltransferase activity of wild-type Leuconostoc mesenteroides strains from Bulgarian fermented vegetables.
Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 2012, 168(3), 718-730.

Laguerre S, Amari M, Vuillemin M, Robert H, Loux V, Klopp C, Morel S, Gabriel B, Remaud-Siméon M, Gabriel V, Moulis C, Fontagné-Faucher C.
Genome Sequences of  Three Leuconostoc citreum Strains, LBAE C10, LBAE C11, and LBAE E16, Isolated from Wheat Sourdoughs.
J. Bacteriol. 2012, 194(6): 1610-1.

Amari M, Laguerre S, Vuillemin M, Robert H, Loux V, Klopp C, Morel S, Gabriel B, Remaud-Siméon M, Gabriel V, Moulis C, Fontagné-Faucher C.
Genome Sequence of Weissella confusa LBAE C39-2, Isolated from a Wheat Sourdough.
J. Bacteriol. 2012, 194(6): 1608-9.

Marcato-Romain C.E., Pechaud Y., Paul E., Girbal-Neuhauser E., Dossat-Letisse V.
Removal of microbial multi-species biofilms from paper industry by enzymatic treatments.
Biofouling 2012, 28(3): 305-314.

Pechaud Y., Marcato-Romain C.E., Girbal-Neuhauser E., Queinnec I., Bessiere Y., Paul E.
Combining hydrodynamic and enzymatic treatments for the intensification of multi-species thick biofilm removal.
Chem. Engine. Sci. 2012, 80: 109-118.

Caudan C., Filali A., Lefebvre D., Spérandio M., Girbal-Neuhauser E.
Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) from Aerobic Granular Sludges: Extraction, Fractionation, and Anionic Properties.
App. Biochem. Biotechnol. 2012, 166(7): 1685-1702.

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